fuji: Renoise instrument pack /free download/

The pack contains 32 royalty free Renoise instruments. They are inspired by the sounds of POKEY chip which can be found in Atari 8-bit computers. All instruments have been created on the basis of single cycle waveforms. The waveforms have been sampled from real hardware, Atari 65 XE microcomputer.

Please don’t redistribute this pack. Post the link to this page if you want to share the instruments. Thanks!

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As close to the real thing as possible

The instruments are based on single cycle waveforms grabbed from Atari 8-bit audio output. This way they are as close as possible to the sound of the old chip generator Pokey.

Editing and design

Due to the Renoise’s phrase editor it is possible to get effects similar to the old trackers techniques. Like arpeggios for instance. The editor is heavily used.

Testing within composition

Although instruments may sound well when played out of any context, it’s better to try them within specific composition. That is what the went through. So sometimes it appeared that sound requires to be improved.

Final touch and selection

If sounds pass the tests succesfully, it’s time to make the set. Usually there are more instruments and not all of them are worth being included in a sample pack. The most interesting are selected. To keep the high quality and variety at the same time.


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