chiptunesque: elementary sample pack /free download/

This free sample pack contains 32 chiptune inspired samples, 24bit 44kHz, royalty free. All instruments and effects have been created from scratch and recorded with Virus TI2 synth.

Please don’t redistribute this sample pack. Post the link to this page if you want to share them. Thanks!

Here is short descriptions of the content:

  1. ARPEGGIO – the folder contains 8 samples, major and minor chords arpeggios, octaves arpeggios and 7th chords arpeggios.
  2. BASS – the folder contains 3 bass sounds.
  3. DRUMS – the folder contains 11 samples of basic percussion instruments.
  4. FX – the folder contains 4 FX samples.
  5. LEADS – the folder contains 6 lead sound samples.
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Have a listen to the demo tune please:

Created with Virus TI synthesizer

Virus Ti is arguably one of the most advanced hardware synthesizer. It was used for designing the instruments in this sample pack. I used my experience with creating chip tunes and chip tune sounds. Therefore I tried to mimic chiptune techniques when creating the sounds.


The instruments have been recorded from the synthesizer. And then prepared as samples. We tried to keep them as natural as possible. Sorry, as pixelated as possible 😉

Testing within composition

Although instruments may sound well when played out of any context, it’s better to try them within specific composition. That is what is done. So sometimes it was required to improve the sound.

Final rendering and selection

If sounds pass the tests succesfully, it’s time to render them finally. Usually there are more instruments and not all of them are worth being included in a sample pack. The most interesting and representative are selected. To keep the high quality and variety at the same time.


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